Stained Glass Starter Tool Kit

Stained Glass  Starter Kit needed for Basic Stained Glass 101

Look below for a list of tools included in this kit.

If you want to buy a better kit of tools go Here

Original price was: $138.02.Current price is: $117.02.


Stained Glass Starter Tool Kit for Basic Stained Glass.

You can rent a Soldering Iron for $8.  Test Drive a Weller and a Hakko before you buy.

Cutter – Toyo Pistol grip TAP Wheel  $41.90
Cutter Oil .5 GAI   $2.94
Running Pliers  $17.15
Sharpie  Fine Tip  $1.50
Breaking or Grozing Pliers  $12.75
Solder 60/40  $24.95 This price changes without notice!
Foil Shears  $12.88
Glue Stick   $1.25
Foil 7/32 Copper Backed  $12.12
Total Supplies
 Less in store purchase of Kit   10%  -$13.00
Sub Total and Tax $117.02 + $13.04 Tax
Total Kit Price Updated 11/29/2023 $128.07


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