Open Studio

Open Studio Policies

The studio is available for your use during certain times for a fee – see below. You need to have taken one of our introductory classes in: Stained Glass, Fused Glass, or Mosaics.

Workshops include use of our cutting systems, limited grinder use (ask if you need to use it for your whole project).

Workshop does not include the use of chemicals and supplies, including but not limited to foil, flux, cutting oil, solder, kwik-clean®, finishing compound, and patinas. We do have a fee option if you forget yours – see below*

Of course we expect you to clean up after yourself!

Sometimes we schedule classes during studio times so be sure to ask first for availability and to reserve a spot.

Workshop $10 for 2 ½ hours*: We will give you a little help to keep you on track for your own project, but basically you work on your own.

Workshop ‘Plus’ $15 for 2 ½ hours*: We will spend a little extra instruction time with you and help as you need it, still you basically work on your own.

Class Makeup $25 and UP for 2 ½ hours*: If you miss an important class and must make it up we will help you get back on track, but it’s much better to come to your class. If you are just catching up, workshop rates apply. Some Classes CANNOT be made up!

Private Instruction $35 per hour: This is by appointment only and MUST be scheduled ahead of time to make sure we have an instructor available. We will work one on one with you for a more intense education.

Workshop Hours (if no classes are scheduled):

Wednesday Nights 6:00pm – 8:30pm, and Weekdays & Saturdays during normal studio Hours – you must call by 3pm to reserve a spot – as space allows – call first to see what is available.

*Chemicals $5: If you need to use our chemicals for a project while in workshop. *Soldering Irons $8: If you need to use one of our soldering irons for a project while in workshop.

*Glass saw; band & ring use $10: If you are really good, and have prior experience AND accept the $99 replacement fee if you break the blade.

 For Your Safety: Closed toe shoes & Eye protection REQUIRED in ALL Classes & Workshops.