Our Better Tool Kit Stained Glass W/ 10% off

* price subject to change without notice.

We Recommend the Toyo Cutter
and The WIZ CG Grinder.

You can Test Drive all our Tools at our Studio!

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Our Better Stained Glass Kit includes a grinder

Cutter – Toyo Pistol grip TAP Wheel  $37.75
Weller or Hakko Soldering Iron and Stand $138.80
Running Pliers $14.12
Side Cutting Pliers $11.70
Breaking or Grozing Pliers $12.75
Flux   (gel) $9.50
Sal Ammoniac Bar (cleaning Iron Tip) $11.70
Hammer $17.95
Project Brush $7.50
Flux  paste (tip cleaning) $5.25
Flux Brush  4pk $1.99
Solder 60/40 $24.95 This price changes without notice!
Horseshoe nails (10) $1.20
Foil Shears $12.88
Glue Stick $1.25
Foil 7/32 Copper Backed $12.12
Black Patina $7.50
Grinding Stone $12.75
Kwik-Clean 16oz $14.30
Glass cleaner/polisher $10.00
Inland Wizling CG Grinder $179.95
Total Supplies
 Less in store purchase of Kit   10%  -$54.35
Sub Total and Tax $489.11 + $46.21
Total Kit Price Updated 09/24/2022 *$535.32

Additional information

Weight 17.5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 9.5 in
Soldering Iron Type

Hakko FX-601, Weller 100


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