Layers and Layers of Glass

Are you ready to take your stained glass skills to the next level? We only offer this class every two years. Don’t miss your chance to take it! Register Now! When you register you will get the first crack at our New box of 175  Youghiogheny head glass pieces.


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Saturday, May 11th 9am-4pm

Layers and Layers of Glass

In this class we will be creating a wall hanging using Youghiogheny heads and tails, zinc, Roundels… The cost is $125.00
What is Heads and Tails?  When glass makers create sheets of glass, the ends of those sheets can form unusual and interesting shapes.  They cut the glass sheets to precise sizes when they come off of the annealing Lehr and the head ends are what is left over.  Sometimes called tail ends, these glass trimming pieces are usually pretty enough to serve as a decorative piece without any changes, but they are great for art projects! 
Below are a few links to more ideas.
This class will include Eric’s help in creating an awesome wall hanging. We will be using saws, circle cutters, came benders and much more.
Basic Stained Glass 101 required.  You will receive 15% of glass and 10% off your metals for this class.
Bring glass cutting, soldering equipment and a lunch or take a break for one.
Very limited number of students in this class.

Click here to see some examples on Pinterest.
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