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The maker of the Table Top Foiler KMC, has informed me “Unfortunately we no longer offer the Magic Cutter. Our tooling has issues, and we do not sell enough to fix the tooling. It may come back, but not right now.”

I will make a sequel to this video on how to set it up without the Magic Cutter.

Table Top Foiler

Portable tool that dispenses, applies and crimps foil in one smooth process. Working with Stained Glass couldn’t get any easier! $69.95
This no longer comes with the magic cutter.

Watch the Video

The perfect companion to the table top
foiler. 2″ diameter. ‘Cookie’ positions and
holds glass pieces against your grinder
head. Increases grinding leverage while
protecting your fingers! Works on all glass
grinders. $13.40

Grinder Cookie


This durable plastic crimper makes burnishing task a breeze. After foiling the piece of glass, slightly push down the foil on all sides and ‘crunch’ the corners. Then slide the piece of foiled glass through the Kwik-Crimp fingers. With one swipe, the foil is strongly adhered to the sides of the glass and the foil is ready for soldering  $12.80