The Fused Glass 101 classes will give you the right start to help make you a successful kiln glass artist. This
four session workshop covers everything from learning the basic concepts of fused glass to buying, firing, and
maintaining a kiln. The cost is only $175.00 and includes all materials. The following is a basic outline of what will
be covered in each of the four sessions:

Session 1  

•  What is Fusing?
•  Kilns – Maintenance
•  Tools and Safety Equipment
•  Coefficient of Expansion (COE)
•  How To Use Polarized Filters
•  Terms Used
•  Difference Between Fusing results:  Full, Contour, Tack, Fire Polish
•  Project – Fused Glass Tile         
•  Project – Fused Glass Pendants(Glassline Paints, Dichroic Slide, Stringers/Noodles)

Session 2  

•  Review Of Session One
•  Working With Other Glass Forms – Stringers, Noodles, Frit, Fusible Pebbles
•  Cutting Shapes
•  Keeping Logs – Firing Schedules
•  Project – Create Unique Clock


Session 3  

•  Drilling Glass – Tools
•  Drilling Clock Project
•  Weaving Glass
•  Introduction of the Morton Portable Glass Shop
•  Project – Create an 8” Dish, and a  4” Dish (Votive Holder, Business Card Holder, or Cell Phone Holder)

Session 4  

•  Coldworking Equipment
•  Saws
•  Molds (Stainless Steel, Ceramic and Kaiser Lee Board) And Shelves
•  Slumping/Draping
•  Project – Slump/Drape Projects  From Session 3

These classes are the first step towards learning many more advanced techniques. NOTE: The Fused Glass 101
class is required before you will be allowed to attend any advanced fusing classes. You will also need to be able
to cut glass.
NOTE: It is mandatory that you take the Cutting Skills Workshop 101 before the Fused Glass 101
class. If you need to take the Cutting Skills Workshop, please contact Eric to schedule a class. The Fused Glass
101 class will include all glass and the use of our tools.  We have a limited amount of space and can only
accommodate 6 students.  Please read our
Class Policy page.

Contact Eric for more information, or to reserve your spot! For your convenience, you can also
register for this
class online!

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Always wear safety glasses and closed-toe shoes to class. Safety glasses will be provided if you do not have them
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