Ed’s Emporium Stained Glass and Fusing Studio, Since 1981

Ed’s Emporium has been creating original glass work since 1981. We work directly with architects,
builders, interior designers and home owners to provide an outstanding product and service during and
after the project. Leaded glass, sandblasting, texturing, fusing/kiln work, mosaic and painting are
processes used at our studio to create unique art glass pieces.

Is Art Glass only for new homes?
Custom glass work can be installed in new construction, or used to enhance your current home, adding
design and atmosphere.  Art glass may be placed in front of existing glass or integrated into insulated
thermo pane units. Often art glass is used in the entry way, but it is also very effective to add privacy
and design to any window, interior doors, bathrooms, transoms, and cabinets.

How much does Art Glass cost?
The cost is determined by square footage, complexity, and the techniques required to achieve the
desired project. We are always considerate of your budget.  Our prices start at $10 - $20 per square
foot to have sheet glass cut to size (note: we have hundreds of samples to choose from). Etched work is
typically in the $100 - $125 per square foot range, and leaded work $135 - $275 per square foot.  
Painted and fused work would involve additional costs. We charge a consultation fee of $50.00, which is
credited toward the final cost of the project. When designing, we retain a 10% deposit, which is also
credited toward the final cost of the project.                          

What is the process for ordering custom glass work?
We understand that ordering custom art glass is a new experience for many, so we like to make sure
that you are informed and understand the process. We’d like to first meet with you at our studio, as
there are many samples, photos, and books that can help determine your direction. We’ll take notes and
ask you questions about color, size, project location, and also your budget, to determine what will best
suit your needs. Carol is our designer, with over 30 years of experience in designing exceptional and
original works of art for you to enjoy for generations to come. If you have a photograph, fabric swatch,
etc., representing your decor or design influence, please bring that along. Once a design has been
conceptualized, the next step is to create a full size rendering. This allows you to see exactly what the
project could look like. When the design is approved, the materials (colors, textures, bevels, etc.) are
chosen and construction begins.

What’s the difference between what Ed’s Emporium offers and the big chain home centers?
We are a local company providing custom art glass products that are not found in a catalog. Large
home centers offer mass-produced work with size and design limitations. At Ed’s Emporium you can
choose from hundreds of glass samples and endless design possibilities to create a project specifically
for your environment.  An original, unique art piece, personalized by you, is quite different than the
limited choices found commercially. Our studio prides itself in attention to detail, and customer
satisfaction is always of the utmost importance to us.

We look forward to serving you,

Eric Allen, Owner - Artist